Shack Snack: April 25, 2014

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Minecraft Realms now live, offers servers for $13/month Minecraft Realms, Mojang's server subscription service for Minecraft, is now live in North America. The service was conceptualized as a way to assure parents that their kids would play on safe servers. It costs $13 per month for a subscription to your own self-contained world. Chatty Q&A: Blizzard talks Reaper of Souls and the future of Diablo 3 Valve has found some creative ways to impact player behavior in Dota 2. Having hired psychologist Dr. Mike Ambinder, the studio has been changing seemingly minor aspects that have ended up having a big impact on players. Ambinder gave one particularly sneaky example recently, shedding some light on how these player experiments work. Higher Metacritic scores impact game sales positively By compiling data released on Steam, Orland discovered that getting a 90+ Metacritic score almost guarantees some success, with games selling at least 50,000 copies when reaching that score.

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PS4's 'Perfect Day' commercial wins 2014 Game Marketing Award The annual Game Marketing Awards took place last night, awarding the best in video games marketing. Midnight Oil won best agency of the year, while Ubisoft took home the award for "Best Marketing Team." While you can peruse the full list of winners here, we have a few highlights for you to look through: