Hawken update adds co-op team deathmatch

Adhesive Games has deployed the April Update for its mech-based shooter, Hawken. The latest patch offers some adjustments to the game's economy, pilot progression, and some balance tweaks for the various fighting machines, but it also tosses in a new game mode: co-op team deathmatch.

Co-op team deathmatch allows teams of six players to join forces and battle teams of bots. The opposing team's difficulty is scaled to the human team's fitness score. It's good practice for teams looking to get some training in before taking on human opposition, though XP and Hawken Credit (HC) rewards will be reduced.

Pilots will also be able to level up significantly faster with the new April update, since the total XP required to reach level 30 is being cut in half. Those that have already reached the required XP totals will see their levels increase automatically following the new patch.

The full patch notes for Hawken's latest update can be found here. Hawken is currently on Steam Early Access and is free-to-play.