Plague Inc 'Mega Mutation' update adds Mega-Brutal difficulty

Ndemic Creations recently brought a PC version of their epidemic fest Plague Inc to Steam Early Access back in February. But the plague is still spreading across the original iOS version and has gotten more severe, thanks to a free 'Mega Mutation' update that deployed today.

According to Touch Arcade, the new update adds a new 'Mega-Brutal' difficulty level to Plague Inc, in case the game just wasn't hard enough. There are also three new cheat options, including a Shuffle Strain that mixes up evolutions, a Turbo Strain that immediately infects your starter country completely, and a Lucky Dip strain that offers five random evolutions. Cheats can now be used on any plague type, offering up different ways to play the game.

If you still haven't picked up Plague Inc., the game remains at its original 99 cent price point on the App Store. The update is expected to hit Android soon.