Dragon Age: Inquisition hero 'much more of an actor' than DA2

BioWare has been distancing the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition from the divisive Dragon Age 2. A recent interview with executive producer Mark Darrah sheds more light on which changes to the sequel were intentional, and how the Inquisition faction will bear more resemblance to the first game's Grey Wardens.

"Dragon Age 2, we decided we want to try something, to try to do very different storytelling, something much more personal, something much more tightly constrained. No chosen one, no clear overarching threat. I don’t think it was a perfect success, but that was intentional," Darrah told PC Gamer. "A lot of the other changes that are perceived, the overall scope of the game or the perception of the combat getting a lot simpler or waves and things like that--not intended, exactly. That was supposed to be more evolutionary. I think we just overreached. We pushed too hard."

He said that Inquisition is aiming for more of an Origins style of storytelling, with a clearer goal from the outset. To that end, he acknowledged that Hawke from DA2 was more reactive, while the Wardens and now the Inquisitor are much more proactive.

"In Dragon Age 2 Hawke is really a leaf in the wind," he said. "The story is very much about him reacting to the world pushing on him. In this case it’s much more about putting the inquisitor at the head of an organization that you’re reestablishing. This isn’t about being a Jedi, this is about founding the Jedi order. You’re definitely much more of an actor. You’re the tip of the spear. You aren’t waiting for the world to act upon you. You are acting upon it, both because you have an organization at your back. This gives you greater reach. You’re not walking into a camp and begging for help. You’re pounding down the gates of a castle and demanding that they come onto your side."

We'll see how close BioWare hits the mark when it releases Inquisition on October 7.