Rumor: PS4 Director's Cut of Beyond: Two Souls in the works

Could a PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls be in the works? NeoGAF user Dragonbane discovered references to a "Director's Cut" version of the game in a programmer's portfolio, since removed. The enhanced re-release would incorporate new scenes, including a scene where players control Jodie as a baby.

In addition, there's apparently code that refers to the DualShock 4, and there's also images of Jodie rendered on PS4. You can see that in this demo reel below:

Given the PS4 re-release of The Last of Us, it wouldn't be too surprising to see such a late-gen update for Beyond. DualShockers points out that Quantic Dream's CEO has also been retweeting requests for a PS4 version of Beyond--without ever responding to those requests.