NES Remix not on 3DS because of lack of 'machine power'

NES Remix has been a fun look into Nintendo's 8-bit past. But while the game seems like an appropriate fit for handheld, director Koichi Hayashida says the Remix concept requires Wii U's more advanced hardware.

"One of the easiest ways to answer that is to say, 'I was working on [Super Mario] 3D World, which was developed on Wii U. So I was already familiar with the system's architecture and developing for that platform lent itself to the early stages of the project,'" Hayashida explained to IGN. "But, if you step into the shadows a bit more, in order to accomplish what we wanted with NES Remix, and get the effect we wanted out of it and the value that we wanted it to have, we needed some more machine power."

The additional machine power came from Wii U, with Hayashida adding that a Remix game would be more difficult to produce for the less-powerful 3DS. "It's just that the Wii U had the machine power we were looking for in order for us to build the software we envisioned from the get go," he said.

While a handheld Remix may be ruled out for now, NES Remix 2 is set to arrive on Wii U later this week and our own Steve Watts thought it was pretty decent. Nintendo has released a new trailer, which can be seen below.