Wii U the subject of latest Nintendo patent suit

Nintendo is embroiled in yet another patent infringement suit, this time over the touch screen display of the Wii U. The Texas company Secure Axcess has filed the suit over a patent it filed in 2000 covering a "multiscreen personal computer display method apparatus."

The Southeast Texas Record (via Polygon) reports that the company's suit alleges that Wii U infringes on the patent. It has also fanned out to various retailers like GameStop, Target, and Amazon for selling the device "without license or authorization." The plaintiff is seeking compensatory damages, costs, and interest. A jury trial is planned.

Nintendo is quickly becoming an old hand at patent litigation. In the past several years it has gone to court for controllers in general, the Wii remote in particular, the balance board, and most recently, the 3DS screen. In the course of the balance board suit, Nintendo senior VP of general counsel Rick Flamm was pretty frank, stating, "We refuse to succumb to patent trolls."