Amazing Spider-Man PS3 Bundle coming to Walmart

The console most closely associated with Spider-Man is getting a hardware bundle to mark the wallcrawler's new movie. The PlayStation 3 "Amazing Spider-Man" bundle includes the console, Amazing Spider-Man 2 game, and a download of the first ASM movie.

The bundle is listed at Walmart for $269. It includes a 500GB system, the game, and a download of The Amazing Spider-Man via the VUDU video service. It's not available yet, as the game isn't due until April 29.

Though probably unrelated, this comes just after the choices for playing ASM2 have been slightly narrowed. Activision had planned to release a version for Xbox One, but abruptly removed that option from the release slate. The company says it's still determining when and even whether it will release that version. It's still coming for PC and plenty of other consoles, including Xbox 360.