WildStar trailer explains 40v40 PvP Warplots

Shacknews recently had an opportunity to try out some of WildStar's massive 40v40 Warplot matches, but unless you see the chaos for yourself, it can be hard to grasp the full scope of this PvP mode. Carbine Studios is looking to help spread more information about Warplots with a brand new trailer that helpfully explains the game mode as, "Your favorite food... wrapped in a six-pack of beer... wrapped inside another six-pack of beer." Well-said, indeed.

The trailer details how battle on this scale works, but also discusses ways in which team warplots can be customized and managed. Teams can position various defenses, such as turrets, lasers, and even dungeon bosses to keep opposing teams away. Warplots open up once players max out at level 50, with the object to either destroy the opposing team's generator or outlast the opposition until their resources run out.

WildStar launches on PC on June 3.