Take On Mars 'Expedition One' update puts humans on Mars

Now that the Mars rovers have determined the red planet to be relatively safe, it's time for humans to begin exploring in earnest. Bohemia Interactive has issued a new Expedition One update for their space exploration simulator, Take On Mars, which allows humans to wander the planet's surface and create settlements.

The Expedition One update will give humans access to a manned science buggy, which allows them to explore the massive Cydonia Mensae location. Using a 3D printer to construct various parts, humans can then create buildings and installation that are safe for habitation. The Martian terrain is a harsh environment and humans will need to monitor their oxygen levels and supplies, grow plants, and operate drilling rigs to find new resources.

Another Expedition One update is expected in May, which will add resource extraction and transfer, habitat pressurization, and vitals.

Take On Mars is available now from the Bohemia Interactive website or on Steam Early Access.