Why money matters in Tales from the Borderlands

Handsome Jack's fleshed-out backstory isn't the only trip players will take to the Borderlands universe in the near future. Some new details have been released in regards to Telltale's contribution to the series, Tales from the Borderlands, including how money is the root of each character's motivation.

The story will follow Rhys and Fiona, but the latest issue of OXM (via IGN) adds that they'll take center stage after their initial crew of five is whittled down. The story's perspective will shift between the two characters, sometimes showing the same event from a different perspective. Of course, we know that both characters have a penchant for embellishing, so it'll be difficult to tell whose viewpoint is more accurate.

Of course, both Rhys and Fiona have one thing in common. They're both motivated by money, as evidenced by the game's first story-based choice, which sees a dying man laying next to an open briefcase. Players must decide whether to help the man or take the money. Unlike other Telltale games, money will matter in Tales from the Borderlands, with co-creator Harrison Pink explaining to OXM that certain choices may not be available if the characters don't have enough money.

Pink is also teasing that unlocks from the Telltale game will also interact in some capacity with other Borderlands titles. More details on that (and whether they'll work with Borderlands 2, the upcoming Pre-Sequel, or another Borderlands game entirely) will be revealed in the future.