Exodus of Sol is a new-ish space shooter for PS4 and PC

Sol: Exodus was an Unreal Engine-powered space shooter inspired by games like Wing Commander, FreeSpace, Descent, and Star Wars: X-Wing. It came out in 2012. Two years later, the original development team behind the game are reuniting for a follow-up. Exodus of Sol isn't a brand new game. Instead, it's a "much improved" version of their previous effort. "We've improved upon or added so many new features into the game that appending Enhanced Edition (or something similar) to the original name would be short-selling our new game," lead programmer Kinzie Schwab said in the announcement. Like Sol: Exodus, players will dogfight across the solar system. New features will include multi-pilot ships, new missions, enhanced visuals, upgraded ship physics, a 3D radar system, and ship energy management. It's due on PC, PS4, and "unannounced platforms."

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