PlayStation Vita Pets gets Android and iOS demo

Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita Pets is more-than-a-little-inspired by Nintendogs. But, Sony's doing something Nintendo has never done before: releasing a demo version of their game on mobile.

"We wanted to give people the opportunity to get to know the pups in advance of the full game's release and experience one of the core aspects at the same time," Sony XDev associate producer Neil McPhillips explained. "So we put together the app to allow players to run their own puppy pampering parlor." It's called PlayStation Vita Pets: Puppy Parlor.

Each day, a new dog will arrive into the shop, and you'll have to take them for a walk, wash them, feed them, or play with them in a variety of games. Games include Dream Chase, where you collect golden bones, and Snack Balance, where you tilt your phone to look after your dogs. By playing the companion app, you'll be able to unlock exclusive costumes in the main game.

The Android version is available on Google Play right now, while the iOS version will be available next week. The full Vita game will be out in June.