Ethan: Meteor Hunter gets touchy on Vita on April 15

Seavan Studio's Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a physics-based puzzle-platformer that has players freeze time and move around objects around at will. Originally released on PC and PS3, the studio is bringing the game to Vita with touch-screen support.

Now, players will simply be able to use the front touch screen to grab and move objects. The rear touch pad can be used to rotate objects when grabbing them with the R button.

The Vita version will be available on April 15 for $9.99. However, PlayStation Plus members will be able to pick it up at a 20% discount for one week. In addition, the game supports Cross-Buy with the PS3 version, meaning one purchase will unlock both versions of the game.

Check out the PlayStation.Blog to see some .GIFs of the Vita version in action. And here's an older trailer for the PC/PS3 original: