Project Totem is a new Xbox platformer that has you controlling two characters at once

Press Play, the studio best known for Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, has an exciting new platformer in the works. Currently named "Project Totem," this clever game has you controlling two characters at once. While that may sound like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, the unique twist of Totem is that both characters move simultaneously. In order to navigate the numerous obstacles of each level, players will have to intentionally displace the two characters by running into walls and pits. Players of Super Mario 3D World may be familiar with this idea when playing with the Double Cherry. The two characters can also swap positions with one another, and with certain traps only affecting one totem, the game can turn into reflex-testing button-mashing affairs where you try to switch colors as quickly as possible. It's a little bit like Ikaruga. The game's two player mode is even more interesting. No, each player doesn't control a single totem. Instead, each player controls two, making for interesting four-character co-op moments. It's incredibly fun trying to coordinate the two players, especially as they have to navigate some genuinely tricky stages. Coming from director Asger Strandby and designer Bo Strandby, Project Totem is Press Play's first game not to be designed by the studio's founders. A hands-on session with an early alpha showcased a lot of promise. Project Totem should be available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One later this year.

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