Arma 3 'Zeus' DLC available now

Arma 3's Zeus downloadable content is now available, letting players take on the role of a Game Master to toy with the (virtual) lives of their friends like mere playthings. You get to see the battlefield from an overhead perspective, and change the conditions on the fly. Spawn enemies, change the weather, set new objectives, play music--you know, god stuff.

Bohemia boasts that the DLC features an easy-to-use real-time editor, or an extremely dynamic play experience as one of the soldiers on the ground. The Game Master tools are available across the regular game modes, or with a "Game Master" scenario that begins with a blank canvas. Game Masters can also create their own custom scenarios. You can find the update now in your Steam library.

The studio will be hosting a livestream on Saturday to celebrate the launch, so you can see the developers themselves play in an extended Zeus multiplayer session. They'll be handling the godly duties while Arma community members will play the soldiers on the ground. You'll be able to watch it on their Twitch channel.