H1Z1 is a zombie MMO from Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment will reveal a new MMO tonight. Called H1Z1, the game will allow players "to take on the role of an apocalypse survivor who is in a world that is filled with zombies." SOE president John Smedley emphasized that it's "a world, not just a little tiny server."

The full reveal is expected to happen tonight at 5PM PT, but Smedley has already revealed quite a bit about the game to Game Talk Live (via Polygon). "Here is something your gonna be able to do that you can't do in these other games: Light things on fire. We are in the middle of putting that in so you are gonna be able to burn down trees, burn down stuff, and that's gonna be a lot of fun. The idea is that these players [are] building these forts and all of the sudden these other guys coming in lighting it on fire and waiting till they come out of the fortress ... is awesome," he said. (DayZ currently doesn't have fire, but plans on adding it later this month.)

H1Z1 will also include a day-night cycle, one which will dramatically affect gameplay. And while more will be revealed tonight, Smedley teased that the game will be playable soon. "And by play, I mean play fully," he said on Twitter.