Arma 2: Free support to be discontinued on April 22

The end is rapidly approaching for Arma 2: Free, the free trimmed-down version of Arma 2. Bohemia Interactive has announced that it will no longer offer Arma 2: Free and will cease server support on April 22.

Arma 2: Free first launched back in 2011 and featured full multiplayer support and the game's editor, but at the expense of graphics, mod support, and the game's campaign. Arma 2: Free players could also play alongside Arma 2 players on compatible maps, as long as they weren't modded.

Bohemia Interactive is among the developers affected by the recent announcement that Gamespy would shut down its online services on May 31. While CEO Marek Spanel reaffirmed on the Bohemia Interactive forums that the developer would use Steam to continue supporting Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3, it appears that no such lifeline will be extended to Arma 2: Free.