Xbox One update will add 'silent reboots' to avoid Instant On embarrassments

"Xbox, On"

"Xbox, On"


Have you ever experienced this frustration with Xbox One? Being able to turn on the system with a voice command is pretty neat, but there's one big shortcoming: it won't work if the system has performed a system update. Even worse, you won't know that the system performed an update, so you're stuck screaming at a machine that won't listen to you. Thankfully, that'll be fixed with an upcoming Xbox One update.

The next update will introduce "silent reboot" after system updates. As detailed on Xbox Wire, after this update, if your console is set to Instant On mode, the update will happen automatically and return to standby upon completion. No more need to manually turn on your system--and no more embarrassing moments where you're yelling at Kinect wondering who's at fault.

Other new features coming in the next system update will include support for 50Hz playback on Blu-rays and additional controller and headset updates that will reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity.