Grand Theft Auto Online to add user-created Capture jobs this week

Grand Theft Auto Online will be updated tomorrow to add Capture jobs to the Creator tool. Capture mode is GTA's take on capture-the-flag, as teams must set traps and place obstacles to make sure their goods don't get taken. Players will be able to create and share Jobs across any of the four Capture variants, including Content, GTA, Hold, and Raid.

To get players back into Capture mode, double GTA$ will be awarded from now until Friday's update when playing any official Capture jobs in GTAO. For example, "Field of Screams" have two teams trying to bring a tractor back to their base.

The game will also be updated with a new title update. 1.12 introduces numerous fixes, including increased payouts for completing various jobs with less than four players. The update also adds the ability to call Lester and have cops turn a blind eye to criminal activity for a short period of time. Many more updates are already planned for GTA's online mode.