Dark Souls 2 PC graphical options revealed

The first Dark Souls on PC was poor due to time constraints, and producer Takeshi Miyazoe readily acknowledges that it lacked a lot of the options that PC players expect. From Software is aiming to change all that with Dark Souls 2, and a look at the graphical options show the kinds of toggles we might see in the follow-up.

An image first spotted on Reddit and since confirmed by Shacknews shows variable options for texture, shadows, and effects quality, model quality, and high quality character-rendering. It also has toggles for antialiasing, motion blur, and camera motion blur, and depth of field, among others.

High quality character rendering can limited to the player character only, or can be applied to all characters. However, most other options are restricted to just Low, Medium, or High. Specifically, antialiasing, motion blur, SSAO, and depth of field can only be turned on or off.

For a look at the PC system requirements, click here.