Gaist Crusher getting sequel in Japan

Gaist Crusher, the Japanese toy-game hybrid from Capcom and Treasure, is getting a sequel. The second game is called Gaist Crusher God, and it's slated for release on 3DS this fall in Japan.

Siliconera reports that it will feature a series of new Gaist "Gods": Hino Kaguchi, Chronos, Baldur, Atum, and Brahma. The first Gaist Crusher was very much like Skylanders, in that players could collect small figurines that interacted with the game world through a special connector.

We never received the game in North America, perhaps because of its lackluster sales in Japan. It reportedly only sold just over 8,000 units in Japan, and didn't make the sales charts in its launch week. It does have an anime and manga series surrounding it, which may bolster its popularity. If the sequel performs better than the original, we might still see it make the trip stateside.