Viscera Cleanup Detail takes on the tough stains on Steam Early Access

Busting aliens is a messy business. They're all filled with squishy organs and slimy green blood and that sort of thing can wreak havoc on your paint and your floors. That's when the real heroes step in, my friends! That's when you call the folks at Viscera Cleanup Detail. And they're answering calls ahead of schedule by making an early house call on Steam Early Access.

Viscera Cleanup Detail gives players a mop and a bucket for the best in physics-based janitorial simulation. As stains get tougher, so does your arsenal, as janitors utilize a growing inventory of cleanup tools to take on the really tough stuff. The game also features multiplayer, though that feature is in its early stages and one of those things you'll likely be helping clean up (no pun intended) during the game's Early Access phase. Developer Runestorm also hopes to add additional maps and mod support as development moves forward.

Picking up Viscera Cleanup Detail will also get you its two spin-off standalone titles: Santa's Rampage and Shadow Warrior, the latter of which has you cleaning up Lo Wang's mess from his latest adventure.

No target date is given for Viscera Cleanup Detail's final version, but you can check it out in its current state right now on Steam.