Persona 4 coming to PS3 on April 8

One of the most beloved games from the two generations ago is Persona 4. It'll return as a "PS2 Classic" downloadable for PS3 consoles on April 8th, Atlus has confirmed. The iconic JRPG has players joining a high school in a small town in the Japanese countryside. Along with other students, players will investigate mysterious murders involving "Persona."

"Astute fans will recognize the date is three days before the main character transfers to Yasogami High School, so if you're the type of super-dedicated player that wants to play the game exactly to the calendar date, there's still time," Atlus points out in their announcement.

Because the game is being re-released as a PS2 Classic, it is a direct port of the original game. None of the features added in the Vita "Golden" re-release will be included.