The Behemoth opens The Research Centaur to help other indie devs

The Behemoth has seen massive success with their games, notably Battleblock Theater and Castle Crashers. Noting that they've been "blessed," the company has opened two new subdivisions with the aim of helping other indies.

First up is The Golden Centaur. The Behemoth is opening up its in-house test and user experience team. "It's a beautiful mash-up of perception and technicality, of play and methodology, of Research... and Centaur," The Behemoth says on their blog. They've already helped devs like Supergiant (Transistor) and Capybara (Super Time Force).

Next up is The Gold Egg Project, a game funding option for devs that was "born out of necessity and past experience." The Behemoth isn't accepting any applications for this fund; instead, they seek out interesting games and offer the money directly. Already, the dev has worked with two games: Closure and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

The money isn't free, however, as it will have to be paid back. In addition, the Behemoth won't act as a publisher, meaning marketing and actually finishing the game will be the responsibility of the dev. Still, "the only cheaper way is to probably borrow the money from your mom," a FAQ points out.