Divekick: Addition Edition update kicks onto PC and PS3 tomorrow

Iron Galaxy is ready to roll out the first versions of the overhauled Divekick: Addition Edition. The re-branded Divekick: AE is set to arrive tomorrow on Steam and PS3 as a free update, which will introduce a large number of major balance changes for each of the game's characters.

Iron Galaxy confirmed Divekick: AE's imminent arrival on Twitter, while also noting that the Vita version has hit a snag. The Vita version will be re-submitted and release at a later date. Divekick: AE is also set to come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon.

The developer has also stated on Twitter that they will unveil a new character for Divekick: AE next Tuesday during their Divekick eSports Hour stream. Given the game's affinity for satirizing the fighting game genre, it'd be safe to guess that they'll lampoon Ultra Street Fighter 4's 5th character reveal in some fashion, although Skullgirls Encore did recently beat them to the punch.