Tropico publisher creates mobile division, will focus on strategy games

Kalypso Media, publisher of games like Tropico and Port Royale, have announced plans to create games for iOS and Android, with "at least three" games coming out later this year. The company will be looking to port and redesign their existing IP for mobile platforms, but originals will also be developed.

"Kalypso has a lot of great IP, such as Tropico, Dungeons and Port Royale, within its portfolio and it is really about time to follow the trends of cross-platform-entertainment and cloud-gaming," Kalypso's Simon Hellwig said in the announcement. "Strategy and simulation games are especially under represented--specifically within the premium-price-segment--at the moment. This is a fast growing market and we think, as a part of our product diversification strategy, our games and brands deserve to become playable anywhere, anytime."

The publisher's first games will be premium apps, but of course they'll eventually look at free-to-play, "as this will also play an important role in our growth strategy."