Half-Minute Hero 2: The Second Coming flashes onto PC on April 4

Well, that was fast! Less than a week after teasing an English language western version, Half-Minute Hero 2: The Second Coming has been confirmed for a PC release this Friday, April 4 on Steam.

And let's face it, it wouldn't be a Half-Minute Hero game if it wasn't all about being fast. Billed as the sequel to the self-proclaimed 'world's fastest RPG,' Half-Minute Hero 2: The Second Coming includes more of the intense, mile-a-minute RPG action, along with four-player online multiplayer, Time Attack and Infinite Battle modes, and a map editor that allows custom creations to be shared on Steam Workshop.

In the spirit of its April Fools Day release, the trailer below shows a $999.99 price tag. That won't quite be the case, but publisher Marvelous AQL did confirm to Siliconera that owners of the first Half-Minute Hero on Steam will get the sequel for 25% off.