Sev Zero is Fire TV's first exclusive game, offers Wii U-esque asymmetric play

Amazon's pretty serious about the gaming potential of Fire TV. In fact, they already have an exclusive game ready for the platform. Sev Zero is "built from the ground up" for Amazon's new set-top box, and showcases the console's ability to offer Wii U-esque asymmetric play. Developed by Amazon Game Studios, Sev Zero is a third-person shooter mashed with tower defense. Players must fight off an alien species by using different towers to launch various missiles and grenades at the invaders.

Like Wii U, Fire TV supports second-screen gameplay

Taking a page from Wii U (and other second screen experiences), a companion app will enable multiplayer. By downloading the "Air Support" tablet app, additional players can initiate air strikes from their tablet, while the TV player engages in face-to-face combat. "We've heard from customers that they want more from the games they play on streaming media devices--games that are rich, unique and immersive. Sev Zero is the first step by Amazon Game Studios to address that challenge," Amazon Games VP Mike Frazzini said. This is clearly just the beginning of Amazon's gaming ambitions, as evidenced by the company's recent purchase of Double Helix. Sev Zero is available on Amazon for $6.99, but is included free with the $40 game controller. For a peek at some other games coming from Amazon, check out this video: