Tropico 5 coming to PC on May 23, Xbox 360 and PS4 versions coming later

Tropico 5 will launch on PC on May 23rd, with a retail release to follow on May 27th. It's just the first platform Kalypso Media's strategy game will onslaught this year.

Following the PC release will be Xbox 360 and Mac versions, available this summer. Afterwards, the game will hit PS4 in autumn. Finally, a Linux/SteamOS version will be available once Steam Machines are released.

Alongside today's announcement, Kalypso Media has launched the official website for the game, which features new videos and "inspiring speeches" from El Presidente.

New to Tropico 5 are dynasties, allowing players to take control of Tropico during early colonial times and guide it "through the centuries." As you play through the years, you must promote members of your extended family, making sure that your bloodline continues to reign supreme on the island. You can watch the latest gameplay video here: