Landmark adds Player Studio this month

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that Landmark (previously EverQuest Next Landmark) will soon support Player Studio, its crafting workshop and digital marketplace. The company plans to roll out the functionality by May 1. Coinciding with the rollout in Landmark, Player Studio will begin to open in selected regions outside of the US for foreign players to submit their own items.

The announcement notes that Player Studio has traditionally relied on modeling software, but Landmark has opened up the tools with a friendlier interface. Player Studio lets creators sell their items on the marketplace and collect a portion of the revenue generated.

Even without the simpler tools, though, SOE boasts that Player Studio has received roughly 5,000 submissions across the two previous EverQuest games and PlanetSide 2. In PlanetSide 2, specifically, player items account for 10% of total in-game item sales, and in January and February accounted for 35% of cosmetic item sales.

"Landmark offers powerful and intuitive tools that enable players to build just about anything they can imagine," said EverQuest director Dave Georgeson. "Players who choose to participate will be able to make meaningful royalties by building in and playing the game they love. Our vision is that some prolific and talented creators will turn this into a full-time career."