Kerbal Space Program 'Asteroid Redirect Mission' takes flight today

Kerbal Space Program's new Asteroid Redirect Mission update has launched into orbit. This new piece of content from Squad, created in collaboration with NASA, allows players to emulate the real-world space mission of identifying, redirecting, and researching asteroids, in order to gather scientific data.

The update will introduce several new items and rocket parts to KSP. The Advanced Grabbing Unit is one of the most notable additions and will allow Kerbals to claw at asteroids, along with many other structures. Other additions include fuel tanks, liquid rocket boosters, solid rocket boosters, main engine clusters and upper stage engines, and a launch escape tower. All of these additions are based off real NASA shuttle parts, such as the NASA SLS tank.

The Asteroid Redirect Mission update can be downloaded through the Kerbal Space Program official website or automatically through Steam. Kerbal Space Program is available through Steam Early Access and is currently on sale for 40% off through April 8.