April Fools: Guild Wars 2 gets Bobble Head update

You might have guessed that the warriors of Tyria would get inflated egos and giant heads after defeating Scarlet Briar. And indeed it's true, in quite a literal way. Guild Wars 2 has been updated today to give everyone giant Bobble Heads.

"If players like characters that have heads, logic dictates that they'll love characters with freakishly large heads, which is why we've added 200% more cranium to all player characters," reads the official announcement.

That's science, kids. Use your large head to taunt fellow Tyrians, rock some comically-giant cosmetic head gear, or dunk a basketball! Ok, maybe not that last thing. Tyria doesn't have a basketball court, as far as I know.

Guild Wars 2's Bobble Head mode will be engaged upon your next login.