How classic MGS and Thief inspired Volume

Mike Bithell is an avid gamer with goals of making games in his two favorite genres. He's already made a platformer with Thomas Was Alone and now he's focused on creating a stealth game with Volume. Bithell took his upcoming stealth game to EGX Rezzed and discussed some of what inspired its creation.

"I was a massive fan of the kind of late 90's Thief, Metal Gear Solid, those kind of pure stealth games that occurred back then," said Bithell. "And I was kind of excited to try and make my own. It feels like stealth has broadened. We've got stealth games that do a lot of really interesting stuff, but it feels like every cool new thing we add to the stealth genre takes it a little bit away from the stuff that I loved, which is the kind of 'sneaking around corners, trying to avoid vision corners' stuff."

Bithell also details how players choose their own ideal path. In this case, it won't involve killing, as all of the tools in the player's inventory are non-lethal. For example, the blackjack (inspired by Thief), will momentarily knock out guards.

Bithell went on to show some early footage of Volume, taking control of main character Locksley, the game's equivalent to Robin Hood. The idea is to collect all of the gems in each level in order to proceed to the next one. Locksley's abilities include whistling, going into cover, sliding, and an inventory of non-violent crowd control tools.

Volume is expected to release later in 2014 and will release first on PS4 and Vita. For more on Volume, including an early look at the game's level editor, you can check out Bithell's EGX Rezzed presentation here.