Indie card-based RPG Hand of Fate coming to PS4 and Vita

Hand of Fate, an indie card-based RPG that was successfully crowdfunded last year, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita. Defiant Development describes it as a tabletop deck building game with elements of roguelike RPGs, as you use the cards in your hand to explore a dungeon and gather loot.

The post on the PlayStation Blog describes the gameplay as a healthy mixture of the two. While exploring a dungeon, you might run into combat, at which point your deck becomes your battle tools in a 3D environment. It lets the randomized aspect of the deck-building provide replay value, since you can choose different combinations of artifacts, weapons, and armor as you explore dungeons. In response to questions, the studio pointed out that this will be single-player only as the studio is small in size.

It also said that a price point hasn't been nailed down. The Kickstarter campaign included copies at $15-20, and it suggests the price point will be somewhere in that range. Defiant is planning to release more cards, but as DLC expansion packs rather than small microtransactions. Hand of Fate was approved on Steam Greenlight in January.

An official gameplay trailer is still in the works, but its Kickstarter video gives an idea of the concept.