Watch Dogs delay allowed for more ideas, but 'bigger' concepts saved for sequel

The delay of Watch Dogs meant the development team got to include several ideas that would have otherwise been scrapped and saved for a sequel, according to Ubisoft VP of creative Lionel Raynaud. Even so, though, the team couldn't fit in all of their concepts, and so the company is already hinting at a sequel.

"There were several systems that were not going to be in the game if we released in November," Raynaud told CVG. "There's always the discussion of, 'should we leave them for the sequel, or do we take the time to finish them?' And we decided to take our time and do it right." He went so far as to say that if it hadn't taken that step, "it wouldn't feel new enough to be worth a new IP."

Some big-picture concepts, however, were "saved" for the seemingly inevitable Watch Dogs 2. "There are always things that you have to keep for the next game," he said. "Yes, we have ideas [for a sequel]. Some ideas that we weren't able to get into the game would not have made a difference, while other, bigger ideas that naturally emerged during development were so different that we felt they would have changed the experience."

That matches with previous comments we've heard, that the extra time was used to fill in gaps and add some new features. What was held back for a sequel is anyone's guess, but it sounds more ambitious than the simple polishing possible with a six-month delay.

It's now due on May 27. Ubisoft released a new trailer showing off its near-future version of Chicago today as well.