EverQuest Next Landmark is now just 'Landmark'

As promised, the EverQuest Next Landmark closed beta is now live. Sort of. Today, you'll be able to jump into Sony Online Entertainment's creation tool--but it'll be with a different name. EQN Landmark is now simply "Landmark."

"To a lot of people, having EverQuest in the name immediately implies a fantasy game," director of development Dave Georgeson on the game's forums (via Polygon) "Removing EverQuest Next seemed the best... We're just simplifying the name and making it easier to understand that the games are different from one another."

The functionality of Landmark will remain the same, even as it drops the EQN banner. "This doesn't change anything we've said about Landmark or EverQuest Next," Georgeson emphasized. "All the details of the games are still the same. We're still using Landmark to build EverQuest Next--and we'll still have areas dedicated to EQN."

As a result of the change, Landmark now exists on a new website: LandmarkTheGame.com.