Xbox One Reputation warnings coming this month

Microsoft is going to start rolling out warnings soon to those in the yellow zone on Xbox One, the company has announced. In the new console's Reputation System, yellow signifies "Needs Work" and players in that area risk dropping to the red zone, where penalties await.

"Beginning this month, some players will start receiving reputation warnings as their reputations drop due to feedback from the community," the announcement states. "The purpose of these communications is to remind players about their effect on the community and encourage them to have more positive interactions. These warnings are based on community feedback collected since Xbox One launched."

The announcement reiterated that those in the green zone will receive rewards, and the red zone will get penalized with reduced matchmaking and the inability to use Twitch broadcasting. It also stressed that the system is designed so as to not penalize for sporadic bad reports, or from false reports for griefing.