PS Vita firmware update 3.10 adds calendar app

Vita is getting yet another system software update. While the big 3-0 added crucial PS4 connectivity, this next update doesn't introduce any truly significant features. Still, there's still new stuff coming for fans of Sony's handheld.

Most importantly, 3.10 allows users to display up to 500 applications on the home screen. Before, users were restricted to just 100. In addition, a "Manage Content on Memory Card" feature allows it easier to view the data stored on the Vita memory card. Finally, the Messages app has been updated to allow users to send voice messages and exchange them between other Vita and PS4 users.

Perhaps the most significant addition is a new Calendar app. By syncing with Google, you'll be able to see events pop up on your Vita. It's becoming even more like a smartphone now!

The full list of updates will be available on PlayStaiton's official site.