Linkin Park's latest music video is an interactive Project Spark level

Linkin Park is no stranger to video games. So it shouldn't come as too much of a shock that the band has created an interactive music video via Microsoft's game creation tool, Project Spark.

"Guilty All The Same" is the band's latest release, and while you can simply watch the video, it's far more novel to play it. By downloading Spark, you'll be able to access the level and play an auto-runner. By collecting orbs, you'll be able to sustain your life bar and should you survive until the third sequence, your character will be able to transform.

Of course, Spark is not just a platform to play games. Players will be able to edit the level to remix the song, for example. By using a new tool, the song can be transformed by having different attributes mixed. Perhaps you want to change the tone? Or you want to add in some of your own sounds? By editing the level, it'll be entirely possible to change the sound of the song.

More dedicated editors will be able to fully edit the level as well. For example, maybe the brooding atmosphere of the song feels too oppressive--perhaps a few bright objects will lighten up the environment? Perhaps a new gameplay loop is in order? Team Dakota was key to point out that everything featured in the music video--including the song--is part of the game base, no DLC required. With additional content packs available as add-ons, it's likely we'll see very different remixes pop up within the Spark community.