Dragon Fin Soup is an SNES-style RPG for PC, PS3, PS4, Vita

Grimm Bros, the studio created last year by former Human Head COO Ash Monif, has announced its first game: Dragon Fin Soup. The announcement pitches it as a combination of RPG elements, from classic turn-based tactics to roguelike permanent death. It's coming to PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Vita.

The official site describes it as styled after classic Super NES JRPGs. The 2D art is being made by Randis Albion, who co-founded the company in the original studio announcement last year. A post on the PlayStation.Blog lists games like Secret of Mana and Chocobo's Dungeon as influences. It features crafting, randomly generated quests, and day and night cycles.

True to the studio's original mission statement, this debut game intends to put its own twist on classic fairy tales. For example Red Robin, inspired loosely by Red Riding Hood, is an alcoholic mercenary. She serves as the central character in Dragon Fin Soup, and learns more about herself after a dose of classic JRPG-induced amnesia. The story takes place on Asura, a giant space turtle, so the team is clearly blending influences. Check out the trailer below.