PlayStation Camera shortage caused by Twitch's popularity on PS4

The PlayStation Camera for PS4 isn't supported by many games. Yet, why is it so hard to find in stores? In fact, it's been in such high demand that retailer GameStop actually increased the price on the hard-to-find peripheral, bumping it up from $60 to $70.

The camera already has a 15% attach rate, Sony's Chris Norden revealed at a GDC panel. With over 6 million PS4s sold, that means nearly a million cameras have already been sold. But why is there so much demand for a peripheral that isn't really used in any games?

"It was a total miscalculation by our marketing guys," Yoshida told Polygon. Sony had looked at which launch games supported the camera and calculated an attach rate from there. What they didn't factor was how popular Twitch would be, and how much people would want to broadcast video alongside game footage. "Using the camera to broadcast yourself is much, much more fun they they thought and they didn't quite get it."

Of course, having demand for the PlayStation Camera will bode well for Project Morpheus if it ever hits retail. Sony's newly-announced VR headset will use the Camera to enable tracking of the headset in 3D space.