Diablo 3 'Level 61' videos unleash piranha scourge

Diablo 3 is mere days away from getting its Reaper of Souls expansion, packing all kinds of fancy updates and modes and randomized dungeons. It will also raise the level cap to 70, and start introducing new skills at level 61, and a new set of videos shows off all the natural disasters you can unleash on your enemies.

Blizzard shared the videos on its blog. While they all look suitably impressive, summoning rocks to bludgeon or black holes to spagettify your enemies, our personal favorite has to be the Witch Doctor's "Piranhas" skill. No matter how dry the land, that crafty summoner will create a pond infested with sharp-teethed tiny fish right under you. And if they don't kill you, the giant alligator most certainly will. What a way to go, though. Check it out, along with some slightly less hilarious powers, below.