Animal Crossing: New Leaf has sold 7 million

The social game Animal Crossing has been one of Nintendo's more popular series, and appropriately enough, it tends to have a long tail. The latest entry, New Leaf is keeping up that tradition, having recently crossed the threshold of 7 million copies sold since its Japanese launch in November 2012.

IGN reports that series creator Katsuya Eguchi revealed the figure at the Game Developers Conference this week. As of last count, it had sold 7.38 million copies worldwide.

Paired with past sales data, it's clear how the series tends to start strong, and continue selling reasonably well for a long time after. A month after its North American launch last June, it had already sold 5 million copies worldwide, including more than 1 million outside Japan. It crossed to 6 million according to financial reports in October. Hitting another million shows that sales have continued to steadily trickle in.