Xbox One expanding to 26 territories in September

Microsoft has announced it will be expanding its Xbox One launch territories in September. In the fall the console will launch in 26 additional countries, making it more competitive with Sony, who has more aggressively expanded worldwide with PS4.

While larger territories like Russia and Japan are likely to catch the most attention, the sheer number of territories is substantial. Microsoft promises more details in April, and the full line-up of territories is available in the official announcement.

Both having launched a console in the holiday season last year, Microsoft and Sony are duking it out and staying more-or-less even in America. Worldwide, however, has been a bit more favorable to Sony thanks in part to a wide difference in territories. As of the beginning of January, Microsoft had sold 3 million units worldwide to Sony's 4 million. PlayStation 4 got a bump to 6 million recently when it launched in Japan, so expanding to new territories is likely to be a boon for Xbox as well.