Deponia crashing onto PlayStation 3 this summer

German developer Daedalic Entertainment has announced that their acclaimed PC point-and-click adventure/comedy trilogy, Deponia, will be making its way to PlayStation 3. The first game of the trilogy will arrive this summer, with the other two chapters to follow.

Deponia follows tinkerer Rufus on his garbage-covered home planet of Deponia, located below a utopian city called Elysium. When the beautiful Goal falls from the skyward city down to Deponia, Rufus takes it upon himself to escort her back, in hopes of getting a free ride out of his trash hole of a home.

Deponia's controls and user interface have been reworked to suit the PS3 controller. Players will have direct control over Rufus, while maintaining the overall point-and-click atmosphere.

Deponia is followed up by two other chapters: Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia. Those eager to try Deponia before it hits PS3 this summer can pick it up right now on PC and Mac.