MLB 14: The Show video shows updated 'Road to the Show' mode

Sony San Diego has been intentionally coy in regards to MLB 14: The Show's latest incarnation of Road to the Show mode. With less than two weeks before Opening Day (and the game's release date), the studio is finally revealing some new details on one of The Show's most popular modes.

Road to the Show will begin with the Topps Amateur Showcase, which allows players to select from West, Central, East, and International regions. Your rookie will be evaluated by Major League scouts over the course of three games, culminating with the Draft.

The Draft will let users have the joy of hearing their player's name called. But as baseball fans know, if their name is called by the Houston Astros, that's nothing to be happy about. Fortunately, users will have the option to return to school and replay the Showcase, while possibly improving their draft stock in the process. However, just like in real life, doing so will age your player by another year.

Series designer Kirby St. John also adds that The Show's scouts will be looking for more than numbers in this year's RTTS mode, in an effort to line up with the more modern Moneyball style of scouting. Scouts will also look for the way players approach certain scenarios and plays.

"In past versions of the Road to The Show, it was always assumed your player was an A-Potential player, destined for greatness in the Majors, and he was treated as such," St. John said on PlayStation.Blog. "That all changes in MLB 14, as the new RTTS player will start out as a middle-of-the-road, C-Potential prospect with many unanswered questions about his future skills. However, over the course of the three Showcase games, that blurry picture will become much clearer, as the scouts will analyze your every move on the field. It is important to know that they are not just interested in stats. They are mostly watching your approach to each situation you encounter. This means that a game where you get three bloop base-hits probably won't be scored as well as a game where you go 0-for-4 with four well-hit missiles to the outfield."

For more on The Show's RTTS mode, check out the video below. MLB 14: The Show arrives on PS3 and Vita on April 1, while the PS4 version will throw out its first pitch on May 6.