MLB 14: The Show and NBA 2K14 bundled on PS3, offers $10 savings

If you like sports, chances are you enjoy more than one of them. That's why we don't say "sport" in singular terms like they do in regions where they only like cricket or "futbol." As a result, there is probably some crossover between fans of basketball and baseball, and Sony and 2K are counting on that for a bundle they've produced that crosses the sporting streams.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1 includes MLB 14 The Show and NBA 2K14. It will be exclusively available for the PlayStation 3 versions of the game, and launch on April 1 alongside the PS3 version of MLB. The pack will also include $10 of in-game currency, which amounts to 6,000 STUBS for MLB and 20,000 in virtual currency for NBA. It will cost $89.99, which trims off about $10 from buying both games at current prices even without the virtual goods thrown in.

As the name implies, Sony probably has more of these combo packs on the way. The Show has been a pretty well-regarded baseball franchise for Sony, while the latest version of NBA 2K received a positive reception as well.