Decapre is Ultra Street Fighter 4's 5th new character

The wait is finally over for Street Fighter fans. Capcom took the stage at this years' Final Round event in Atlanta, GA to announce the fifth new character for Ultra Street Fighter 4. It's Decapre, one of Bison's fearsome Dolls from the Street Fighter Alpha series.

The newest trailer kicked off with some teases, who were swiftly dispatched by Alpha-era Bison before he summoned forth his Dolls. Decapre, the last of Bison's twelve Dolls, then stepped forward and showed off what she could do, showing off her Cammy-like charge moves with her Vega-style claws. For a better look into the history of Bison's assassins, check out this page.

Decapre joins Rolento, Elena, Poison, and Hugo as the new additions to the long-running SF4 series, which began back in 2009. Ultra Street Fighter 4 will arrive in June on Xbox 360 and PS3, while the PC version hits in August.