Duelyst is a turn-based strategy game for browsers

Keith Lee, former lead producer of Diablo 3 and lead game programmer at Insomniac Games, has started a new development studio: Counterplay Games. Their first effort is Duelyst, a turn-based strategy game that's targeting internet browsers. As is typical for new studios, the team is seeking crowdfunding to make their vision real.

What makes Duelyst stand out is the visual presentation of the project. Lovingly detailed 2D sprites come from lead artist Glauber Kotaki, who previously worked on Rogue Leagcy. Originally designed as a tabletop game, the turn-based strategy game promises to avoid grinding and resource management, and focus exclusively on tactics, with an emphasis on unit positioning and understanding squad abilities. The game promises to have over a hundred battle units and spells.

Ranked multiplayer will let gamers go head-to-head in timed matches that are designed to be played in under 30 minutes. However, being a browser game, there's also the option to play asynchronously, much like Facebook and select mobile games.

The team is seeking $68K on Kickstarter, and it's likely to reach said goal. Although browser-based, the game will not be free-to-play. Instead, it's expected to retail for $15.

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